Saturday, 26 September 2015

Balika Kernel for Redmi 1s MIUI rom

Balika Kernel which works on both MIUI6 and MIUI7 have int.d support and zram features which will boost your device performance and give you amazing battery backup.
We will use flashify app this amazing app is developed by Christian Göllner
Make Nandroid Backup of  before proceeding.
How to Backup kernel
1. Download Balika boot.img
2. Download flashify from playstore
3. Now open app after installed and give root permission.
4. Open flashify app you will get these three option. [See image below.]
5. Select Boot image and select download boot.img and follow on screen options.
1. Boot image : boot.img contains the kernel so if you forgot to take back up of your stock kernel then extract boot.img from your rom zip file extract with win rar software.
2. I'm not responsible in case of bootloop.
3. This is only for redmi1s

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