Wednesday, 11 February 2015

How to Temporary Boot in to TWRP Recovery in Redmi 1s

This process will help you to boot into custom recovery in case of dead device i want you to first read whole process then download all files and after that start step by step.
No More Command typing with Flash Recovery v1.rar
Prerequisites : 
1. Download this file here Flash Recovery v1.rar
3. Of-course working twrp.img for your device
[Note you can boot into any recovery but I like twrp most]

Download these files
Redmi1s usb drivers [skip if already have]
TWRP [skip if already have]
Latest TWRP Recovery Link  [Added]

Follow the instructions step by step :
1. Install xiaomi usb drivers
2. Extract Flash Recovery v1.rar
3. Copy recovery.img to Flash Recovery v1 folder
Note: Make sure to rename twrp-2.x.x.x-armani.img to recovery.img
4. Turn off your device remove battery and insert again.
5. Turn on the device while holding volume down and power.
[Simply press volume down button and then press power button you will be in fastboot mode.
5. Plug the device into your computer.
6. Now Double Click on Temporary Boot-windows name file.
7. Device will boot in TWRP recovery. you can disconnect your device from PC/Laptop.
Now you will be in twrp recovery or any other like Stock and CWM Recovery

How to Flash ROM.
1. Go to wipe and Select Advanced.
2. Select only Dalvik and cache and swipe to execute.
3. Press back and Select Install
4. Now Select the file you want to flash
5. Swipe to Execute and wait for 20min.


  1. after typing commans as - fastboot boot recovery.img

    message shows - 'fastboot' is not recognized as an internal or external command,operable program or batch file

    please help me out

    1. Ok download this file and
      1. Extract this rar file
      2. now place your recovery.img file in extracted folder
      3. Double click on Temporary Boot-windows.bat
      Note press volume down button and then press power button you will be in fastboot mode.

  2. Replies
    1. check the redmi 1s usb driver link its updated with simple exe file just install it like you install other software in pc

  3. thnx man..saved my time

  4. bro my mobile is not getting on i can get into fast boot mode..
    not showing charging in switch off not getting on and not going to fast boot mode also..
    kindly suggest what to do/

  5. There was no way to enter fastboot and recovery mode in my redmi because no any signal sign on phone but it attach with computer it show the qualqumm driver and show in miflash tools but after flashing 10seconds the flash fail can i solve it