Friday, 21 August 2015

AOSPA-L Custom Lollipop 5.1 for Xiaomi Redmi 1S

Paranoid are providing high level of development for Redmi 1s user now download the custom rom based on latest android os lollipop.
I am using this ROM flashed 3 days ago only quite impressive simple and sweet lollipop.
1. This Rom will give better performance and increased camera quality with xcelerate kernel
2. No Extra Apps added and features for now they will be added soon.
3. You will get OTA updates.
4. Battery Backup is very good current status of mine 66% - approx. 13 hrs left since last full charge Screen time 9h 6m 36s total 58%  [ This is Important]


How to Flash this ROM  [Always backup your current ROM]
1. Reboot into recovery (How to flash TWRP Recovery).
2. Wipe Data, System and Cache if it's a fresh install.
3. Wipe Cache and Dalvik Cache if you're updating from a previous version.
4. Flash ROM, Gapps and SuperSu
5. Reboot and wait to boot.

#Build 5
- Added Live Display
- Many Bug Fixes
#Build 5
- Immersive mode QS detail panel clean up.
- QS reorder reset button is now either on Settings/Backup and Reset or long pressing the settings wheel in statusbar header
- Screen unpinning fixed on devices with hardware buttons.
- Volume Panel tweaks.
- Volume Key Controls Settings
- New Settings Cellular drawable
- Fixes to the status bar battery icon
- Much more
#Build 4
- Added Immersive Mode
- QS Reorder
- Many Bug Fixes
#Build 3
- MSIM: Fix FC's issues
- Wake on plug
- Home button wake
- Theme Engine bug fixes
- Volume Panel enhancements
- Low-level optimizations to our core base
- Loads of bug fixes for several NPEs, ANRs and OOMs.
#Build 2
- MSIM: Fix issues
- MSIM: Ability to hide empty sim card notifications
- Sound: connect/disconnect notification support (with ability to specify tone)
- Add option to disable search bar on recents
- Heads Up snooze (swipe up on a heads up notification initiates this)
- Change default mode of AppOps to make it more reliable
- Misc Bug Fixes
- Language translations (Thank you to our great Translators!)
- ParanoidOTA: fix inability to download OTAs
- M8 & Sirius: Enabled QuickBoot
#Build 1
- Merge of android-5.1.1_r2 tag from AOSP
- Theme Engine support from CM-12.1 - Screenshot fixes (NPE and leaks)
- Cellular Networks migration (accessible through main settings now)
- MultiSIM support
- Mute notification sounds threshold
- ParanoidOTA revamp with Material update
- Status Bar’s Double Tap to Sleep
- Misc Bug Fixes

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