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MIUI 6 Global Stable Build V6.7.1.0 for Redmi 1S Download Link with Full Changelog

MIUI 6 global stable build V6.7.1.0 for Redmi 1S users.
Over the next few days many of you will be able to progressively receive the update over-the-air (OTA) on your phones via the Updater app.
Miui V6 Global V6.7.1.0 Link 1 Link 2
Miui V6 Global
Miui V6 Global

How to Flash 
1. If you are Downloading Through updater app 
Then Just Download the Whole file after download is completed it will ask to Reboot and update now thats it wait for the process to complete.

Q. What if i Stuck at 98% Error?
Ans. This Can be Happen Because of Modification of file Most of the user are facing this problem so follow this tutorial if you stuck. How to Fix Error at 98% while updating MIUI6 without loosing data in Redmi 1s

2. If you are Downloading Manually
Then either you can flash with Stock Recovery or TWRP Recovery 
I personally recommend you to flash your ROM with TWRP recovery if you follow the instruction there will be no data loss.
If any Problem you can comment
CHANGE-LOG  V6.7.1.0
Optimization - Adjusted One-handed mode title color (07-13)

Optimization - Animation effects of unfolding/unfolding T9 dialpad (07-01)
Optimization - Optimized dial pad to work more smoothly (07-21)
Optimization - Optimized launching speed of dialing page (07-21)

Optimization - Optimized speed and performance when syncing to Mi Cloud (06-15)
Optimization - Added a prompt to ask to enable Mi Cloud service if it was not enabled (06-15)
Optimization - When adding new contacts in Global version, IM default icon became Skype (07-08)
Fix - FC error or no response issue when calling back/replying messages to unknown numbers (06-26)
Fix - Marking unknown numbers might cause FC (07-01)
Fix - Birthday format displayed incorrectly for imported Exchange contacts (07-03)
Fix - Press repeatedly on a call log would cause to call this number repeatedly (07-03)

New - Support choosing the phone number to sync messages from Mi Cloud if a user has multiple numbers (06-16)
New - SMS syncing status will be displayed when pulling down on SMS list page (06-29)
New - All notification messages are collected into one folder (India) (07-15)
Fix - Texts might not show when sending notes via messages (06-15)
Fix - Saving SMS to SIM card prompt error when SIM card is full (06-19)
Fix - Message bubble width error when sending group messages in some cases (06-23)
Fix - Blocked messages were not marked as read in Messaging list after viewing them in Blocked SMS folder (07-20)
Fix - Screen might flicker when Messaging app was opened (07-21)
Fix - Sometimes MMS could not be downloaded automatically (07-28)

[Lockscreen, Status Bar, Notification Bar]
Optimization - Use standard Android notification style for USB connection (06-29)
Optimization - Display height of lockscreen notifications (07-08)
Optimization - Pressing screen or virtual buttons in lockscreen will not extend screen awake time (08-06)
Fix - In some cases, lock screen clock did not show (06-23)
Fix - Sometimes, prevent misoperation panel appeared incorrectly (07-06)
Fix - Sometimes, pressing lockscreen notification did not lead to the corresponding app (07-08)
Fix - Lockscreen notifications could not display dynamic icons (07-13)
Fix - Sometimes notification shade could not be pulled down (07-13)
Fix - 'Notifications' showed in top left corner for a moment after pressing 'Installed apps' (07-22)

[Home screen]
Fix - Global search could rotate upside down when screen rotate was disabled (06-29)
Fix - Images displayed incorrectly in Recents page card mode (08-06)

Optimization - Optimized picture quality in low light environment (06-24)
Fix - Lag issue when focusing (06-24)

Optimization - Optimized Camera backup prompt text (07-17)
Fix - Sometimes, local backup files could not be recognized on computer (07-17)

Optimization - Do not allow to pull down to refresh again during the process of refreshing (06-29)

New - Added animation introduction for one-handed mode settings (07-06)

[File Explorer]
Optimization - Optimized prompt text when unsupported characters are used for renaming folders (07-27)
Optimization - Improved stability when copying files (07-27)

Optimization - Optimized smoothness of swiping left/right in Monthly view (07-14)
Optimization - In event editing page, renamed the second Reminder as Reminder 2 (07-21)
Optimization - Optimized creating new events page launching speed (07-29)

Fix - Sometimes, keyboard showed in start page incorrectly (07-22)

[Clock / Calculator]
Optimization - Improved the swipe experience of alarm ringing interface (06-23)
Optimization - Ascending volume interval was changed from 5 seconds to 2 seconds (07-08)
Optimization - Alarm clock max auto-silence time was changed to 10 minutes (07-08)
Fix - Sometimes alarm clock could not be turned off (07-08)
Fix - Stopwatch might keep the screen awake (07-15)

[Mi Cloud Backup]
Fix - Sometimes, selecting 'Restore from backup' when setting up device would stuck on loading page (08-27)

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