Monday, 31 August 2015

How to Revert Back to MIUI Stock Kernel after flashing Custom Kernel

Many of flash Xcelerate Kernel for better performance and yes thats true xcelerate kernel is better.
But Everyone of face problem when we try to flash ota file we get error so from this method you can revert back to MIUI kernel.
We will use flashify app this amazing app is developed by Christian Göllner
How to Backup kernel
1. First of all download flashify from playstore
2. Now open app after installed and give root permission.
3. Go to Backup/Restore to backup your current kernel.
4. Click on Backup Current Kernel.
5. Name Kernel like stock or other as per your preference and save to sd card.

How to Flash
1. Open flashify app you will get these three option.
2. Boot image : boot.img contains the kernel so if you forgot to take back up of your stock kernel then extract boot.img from your rom zip file extract with win rar software.
2. Recovery image : you can flash custom recovery directly.
3. Zip file : Directly flash any flashable zip file from this option don't forget to wipe cache and dalvik.


  1. thanks.. you are a lifesaver

  2. is it really effectiive? coz one day i try this before but it wont work except bootloop

  3. yes it works make sure you are using correct boot.img [never faced bootloop]

  4. smb know, where is backup saves in sdcard?

    1. Internal Memory>Android>Data>com.cgollner.flashify>files>flashify-backup>boot